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Useful Links


Below is a list of links that members of the Scottish Waldensian Society, or those interested in the Reformed Churches of Italy, may find useful.


Waldensian Websites in English

- The wesbite of the Waldensian Church in Italy 


- The Waldensian Cultural Centre Foundation


- The Historical Waldensian Sites


- The Federation of Evangelical Churches in Italy

- The Diaconal Commission of the Waldensian Church in Italy


- The Waldensian School in Torre Pellice, including Italian lessons for foreigners


Waldensian Websites in Italian


- The Italian website of the Waldensian Church


- The weekly newspaper of the Baptist, Methodist and Waldensian churches in Italy


- Historic Waldensian Sites


- Claudiana - Protestant Italian Publishing House


- Radio Beckwith Evangelica


Waldensian Groups Around the World


- The American Waldensian Society

- The Waldensian Church in Germany

- The Waldensian Church in Switzerland

- The Friends of the Waldensian Church in Germany

- Waldensian ancestry research pages


Other Organisations' Websites


- The Hugenot Society of Great Britain and Ireland


- The Methodist Church in Britain

Visit Italy

- Visiting the Waldensian Church in Italy


The Waldensian Church owns and runs various not for profit guest houses throughout Italy. They offer a good value, ethical and friendly way to stay in some of the most special places on earth. They can accomodate single people, families and church groups. The excellent website offers an overview of all the properties in English, Italian and French.

The guest houses are in: Torre Pellice (The Waldensian Vallies in Piedmont), Florence, Regello

(Tuscany), Rome, Venice, Pietra Ligure (Liguria), Vallecrosia (Liguria), Rio Marina (On Isola d'Elba), Palermo, Riesi (Sicily)

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